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Installation concept at Black Lake Park.

The shape of the arch is reminiscent of the Park's logo ("Arc of the Lovers Reflected in the Water"), tilted at 37 degrees.
Upon entering the main entrance of the park, one can observe the rethought silhouette of the park's logo.
So we close the central axis of the park with a similar object.


The tubes are made of dichroic quartz glass.
Under the influence of a light source, this material creates a dichroic color effect, changing color when viewed from different angles, allowing you to create a unique, constantly changing color of surfaces.


The tubes move in the wind and when people interact with them. They are hung at different heights so that visitors of all ages can interact with them.
As they move, the tubes make sounds and motion sensors signal the LEDs to light up. When you hit the tube, you send a "wave" of light across the ceiling of the rotunda. The more tubes involved, the more people interacting with them, the more active and brighter the "wave" of light.


At the base of the arch, seating is designed to look out over the lake on one side and the hanging tubes on the other.

Kazan | 2021

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