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The installation is a light-dynamic kinetic sculpture, the elements of which are letters from alphabets belonging to different periods of the history of the writing of the Tatar people from the ancient Turkic runes of the 7th-10th centuries to the Cyrillic system of our days.


Collected together, symbols specific to the Tatar language from different times allow the viewer to imagine the figurative identity of the Tatar writing and, as a result, to think about the originality of the Tatar culture - its originality and at the same time same time of openness to both East and West, uniqueness in world history.


The forms (waves, a dome, a cloud) broadcast by the sculpture make it possible to play with different associations of the audience - either referring it to the sacred image of the temple, or to the Soviet heritage of the building, turning into a monumental panel.


Kinetic winches, metal welded structure.

Letters are handmade from epoxy resin by casting.

Quantity - 287 pcs.

Project team: I. Fainberg, L. Zabruskova, Y. Turanova, R. Khasanov.

National Library of The Republic of Tatarstan | Kazan | 2020

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